Some testimonials from co-workers and partners:

She has fabulous relationships and the utmost respect of her printers, reps and suppliers — and always had the trust of our clients. -Norm Shearer, Creative Director, Cactus Communications

Heather is a creative self-starter and hard worker. Heather is open to sharing her concerns and solving challenges before they come to fruition. If something becomes a challenge, Heather is calm and methodically works through any difficulties without being demanding but can assert herself in a professional manner. –Tamera Rice Ehrman, Sprint Press

As a designer, Heather makes my life easier. She’s practical, but also has a high bar and strives to produce great work. I trust and respect her expertise, and would work with her any time. -Wendy Hedges, Hedges Design

She maintains a positive attitude and always treats people in the plant with respect and courtesy. Our production team will do whatever they can to help Heather achieve the goals she has set forth for her jobs. –Camille DeRose, Lange Graphics

Heather is very resourceful in finding the best vendor for each particular project, is enthusiastic about learning and trying new printing techniques, and is diligent about working within set budget and timing parameters.  -Lisa Van Someren, Production Director, Cactus Communications

She is well organized, follows up well and handles projects from start to finish with the highest level of competence. She does such a good job that I feel compelled to do my very best for her whenever she calls me just because of her sincere desire and concern to do a good job.  -George Fergus, Fergus Production Services

Heather has always been a pleasure to work with.  No matter how short of a deadline or how many projects she had going, she is always able to remain calm, organized and decisive. She is quite knowledgeable when it comes to the printing process, color and various substrates.  Heather uses her knowledge to help brainstorm the best way to produce unique projects when they arise. -Betsy Lyons, Regional Director of Sales, Sign Language

She is great on press checks always looking for the highest quality and color consistency. Heather is great at communicating the customer expectations to us; while knowing what can be accomplished with manufacturing equipment and standards. I highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for a production manager of any kind. –Barb Niemiec, Henry Wurst Printing


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