These are just a few examples of some projects I’ve managed over the years. If a project involves ink on a surface, I’ve probably touched it at some point. I’ve managed run of the mill projects like  like store point of sale, billboards, collateral packages or direct mail pieces. But I’ve also been involved with custom bobblehead dolls, retail displays for potatoes that need to look like a wooden crate, and the Westwood 100 book- a 200 + page, smyth sewn book highlighting Westwood College graduates. I’ve also worked with a creative team to find out things like how to make a 14’x48′ billboard glow in the dark, or how to custom print on a ping pong ball. I love the challenge of finding out new ways of producing things. Contact me to find out how I can help you with your odd (or not so odd) projects.

Cactus Stationery Package

We worked with our printer on this package to put the foil pattern on the back of even our 70# text letterhead without leaving a bruise or an imprint on the front side of the sheet. Also, while on press, we discovered that even though each weight of the paper was supposed to be the exact same color, minute differences were causing the gray PMS ink on the front of the card to shift slightly from piece to piece. We worked with our printer to custom blend the ink for each piece, making sure that we got the exact final product we needed.

CAC_stationery_cards_close2SM CAC_stationery_full setSM CAC_stationery_pattern_closeSM

Clifford Still Museum Installation

To promote the opening of the new Clifford Still museum in Denver, we were given a unique opportunity for branding on the outside of the Denver Pavillions. We worked with our large format printer to install a heat sealed vinyl graphic on the building, making it look like our message was an oversized painted mural instead of a run of the mill vinyl banner. The results were stunning.

CSM_11_Pavillions Wall_OOHsm

Colorado Lottery Powerball Billboards

When the jackpot matrix of the Lottery Powerball game changed a few years back, it was up to us to update the very familiar jackpot billboards as well. We worked with a 3D prop maker to build custom gears, wrenches and bolts for a unique new look for the boards


Colorado Lottery Stationery

Shortly after Cactus took over the Lottery account, we were fortunate to be given the opportunity to update the Lottery logo and branding. That meant new stationery. We decided to have a little fun with the business cards and added a “scratch-off” UV coating on the cards to give them that little something extra.


Winter Park/Steamboat-Sports Authority Field Installation

When Winter Park signed a last minute sponsorship agreement with the Broncos, we were challenged with taking over an incredibly large space in a very short amount of time. Thanks to Cactus’ passion about the project, and the fabulous relationship I developed with our printer, we were able to design, produce and install these materials in a little over three weeks.

water fountain Wall one rope banners map wall lift car

Denver Zoo-Toyota Elephant Passage Campaign Launch

The tactics used to promote the opening of the new Toyota Elephant Passage at the Denver zoo included these large banner installations on the 16th Street mall, vehicle graphics, backlit mall graphics and table top advertising, street pole banners, banners across Larimer Square and numerous postcards, invites and collateral pieces. Those pieces were printed with a half dozen different vendors using numerous different printers, inks, and substrates. I rose to the challenge and worked diligently over the course of the production of these pieces to make sure that each and every piece was consistent so that the custom drawn illustrations on each piece looked perfect.

DZ_12_Larimer Banners_Collage DZ_Wallscape_PrintQualitysm

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